The only way I know love.

You all are used to see me in silence. Although I'm talking all the time, actually I'm in silence. My mouth is so tired, now that you all are listening to me...
I wonder when was the precise moment I learned to shut up. Maybe it's true. Maybe I'm shutting up each time. I wonder how to stop it. I wonder if you want teach me to stop it.
You. You. You. You.
Sometimes I think it's so much silence to me. Sometimes I try to talk, I have to talk.
But most of the time, I feel it's so late for my voice. So, so late. I lost my chance, the only choice that stay for me it's living with the certainty of be a bad partner. Friend.
I know that all this shit turns you sad.
I not even can be a good choice to you, I live wondering the reason you love me.
Perhaps my silence gets calm you. Hey, honey, maybe I'm your silent part too.
My lips are so closed... I can't promise you I'll learn to break it.
I can't promise you that I want break it.
But if you ask me... If you want, my silence it's ended.
I only warn you, darling, without my silence I'll cease to exist.
And I'm scared.

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